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Overseas study & work

Benefits of international experience

International experience, whether academic exchange, internships, volunteering experiences or overseas travel, provides you with an opportunity to:

  • cultivate a greater understanding of yourself and the world in which you live
  • supplement your studies and professional development
  • expand your horizons
  • gain a broader perspective that can open the door to exciting experiences and opportunities.

Employers value candidates with international experience as they offer the following benefits over candidates without international exposure:

  • contribution of international skills, experience, and cultural understanding to help a company maintain their global competitive advantage
  • understanding of product and service needs in the international marketplace
  • helping build relationships with foreign clients, suppliers and business partners
  • understanding and adding diverse perspectives and experiences
  • enhanced range of generic employability skills.

Study Overseas

ANU Global Programs offers students interested in globalising their educational experience the opportunity to study at foreign universities with whom the ANU has established formal exchange agreements. Each College has different exchange agreements in place with foreign universities, so the countries in which you are eligible to study depend on the College you come from. Regardless of your College however, all overseas study undertaken will be credited towards your ANU degree. You can learn more about opportunities for ANU students to study abroad by visiting here.


Work Overseas

Working overseas can help develop a range of generic employability skills that employers look for in graduate students and can also help develop specific industry based skills. It can also enhance your resume and provide you with a unique opportunity to experience living in another country and culture. Opportunities for work will vary from country to country, so take the time to research each option fully, and make sure to investigate costs and work permits in particular.

Volunteering during gap years and vacation time

There are many overseas not-for-profit and charity based organisations you can work for. These include larger organisations such as the United Nations Volunteer Program as well as smaller local organisations. There are also companies that place volunteers on projects assisting in the development of overseas communities. Students should research these carefully as they are often essential travel agencies with above average fee structures.

Teaching English as a foreign language

A teaching qualification is typically not required to teach English as a foreign language overseas, although some organizations may require a TESOL qualification.

Casual work overseas

Casual work can be picked up as you travel and is often a great way to supplement your income and travel budget. Opportunities range from fruit picking and labouring to bar work, working in a hotel or hostel and factory work. Details about available opportunities can often be found in the Lonely Planet or Rough Guides for the countries concerned or online. Some casual and vacation work opportunities are also advertised on CareerHub.

Employer Events 2015

International Organisations Day  Friday 21 August 2015

An event for students studying at Masters level and above, as well as selected undergraduate students.

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